OH GOD GUYS ITS BEEN A REALLY LONG TIME SINCE I LAST COSPLAYED MISAKI, I still love him near and dear to my heart but i felt he deserved a decent photoshoot. so welcome back misaki everyone ;w;/ I’ll be sure to put up the rest in the future.

Cosplayer: June

Photographer: Arisu Niocosu

so this one time, i took my friends sal cosplay and became the albino trash.


I RESTYLED MY KOMAEDA WIG AND I STILL LOVE BEING KOMAEDA WHAT THE FUCK but yeah stained my shirt with makeup a long time ago gonna need to remake the whole cos but…ya know…i can’t.

TUMBLR EXCLUSIVE PHOTOSET. since I really don’t like to do very uncanon shippy photoshoots i decided to make this one tumblr exclusive because it HAPPENED.


Myself as Nice

ArisuNiocosu as Art


i didn’t really put on makeup or contacts oops.

ikariee asked:
hey just wondering how you made the fin for samekichi? it loooks really good! ( sorry if you already answered this im on mobile )

thank you so much! that tail was probably the most troubling thing i ever made, but im probably just going to post the link here to the other ask, here is more about samekichi tail

best of luck!

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Doctor!! We have an emergency. This new persona protagonist is too edgy!!! Quick get him to the emergency room!!

I have work in 3 mins and I decided to do the fastest p5 protag closet cos.

found a few pictures taken of my wadanohara and i from the con. we are cute.


"Nice: Seriously guys you should consider watching this porno, it actually has a really great story i know you would both appreciate it."


"Art: God help me for i have sinned."

"Please be serious for a moment, nice."


Myself as Nice

ArisuNiocosu as Art