"Nice: Seriously guys you should consider watching this porno, it actually has a really great story i know you would both appreciate it."


"Art: God help me for i have sinned."

"Please be serious for a moment, nice."


Myself as Nice

ArisuNiocosu as Art

out cold.

(con photoshoot, with a few friends. there wasn’t the best lighting but we had a lot of fun making all these photo’s and you know i can never stop being nice ever in my life forever.)


Myself as Nice

ArisuNiocosu as Art

hijikatamamoru as ratio

this was literally the only shot of my kano we got from the photoshoot before my camera broke. kano did not appreciate pictures apparently.

Cosplayer: Myself

Photographer: ArisuNiocosu


here have a few whatever was going on here pictures from the con as well.

have some pictures from the weekend.

Uncut unstyled and need to add the black wefts ludger will kresnik wig for the future as a replacement for my old one I threw away. I probably won’t be him for quite some time but I’m sure I’ll play with this wig before its full ludger

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Anonymous asked:
I'm just going to say this but, I have a crush on your Samekichi cosplay, okay?? Just precious ; u ; -rollsaway-

*sCREAMS AND CRIES A LOT* thank you bb omg i love being the shark boy a lot!

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Geek.kon pictures, part 3

My face is awkward in the watgbs picture, but there were lots of people waiting to get through the hall and i got scared and went full awkward…. woops… but was super happy to get a picture with them, the costumes were wonderful !!

Wadanohara: thighhighsenpai

Samekichi: june-niocosu

Sal: ???

White Raven: sapphirekyra

Dante: Seth

(very sorry if I incorrectly tagged these, i tried my best)

thats me as samekichi down there ;u;/

also the sal with us is arisuniocosu

Anonymous asked:
Umm, I hope you don't mind to tell me uvu I was wondering about the fabric you used for your Nice cosplay. I'm cosplaying him next month and I thought your fabric looked pretty good. Thank you!!

to be honest i went with the cheapest fabric i found at joanns. i can’t remember what was what I should really start writing this stuff down so i can answer you guys better.

but im usually almost always using cotton and cloth type fabrics. im almost certain my yellow and pink were country classic cotton or something.

its pretty comfortable to wear and stuff so as long as it comes out looking nice and is comforting to wear then id say that.

though in the future if i remake him im thinking of actually using a vest material of some sort.

I hope that helps in some way though!

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